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Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar

                                                Anant Ambani  & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar  In Jamnagar there is weeding was going Anant Ambani and radhika merchant. all celebrate and business man and cricket star are visited at Jamnagar for marriage function. Vantara Jamnagar was very beautiful lots of trees and animals was it was done very nice by Ambani family. In a recent interview Anant Ambani said very beautiful words about brother and sister Ram. Mata  very simplicity was Anant and how its talked very politely he loves animals and nature elephants. Mukesh Ambani sir looks very simply we can learn more from them. Many business from the world visited this grand wedding, Jamnagar was full of celebration mood. Hollywood singer Rihanna arrived in Jamnagar with his team to perform in Anant wedding.

Aj Ka Gyan || अज का ज्ञान

 Aj Ka Gyan  Sometimes We show fake smiles, just to show others that we are very happy.  Life is like a book. every time a new chapter starts. A cup of tea sparks my mind.

Teacher's day

  Teacher's Day  Teachers are gurus we can learn so many things. what is the life we don't know?  But teachers know very well. About us, they teach us everything we need to know respect our teachers. when we grow up, we change places for further studies. different country when our studies are completed.  when we start our careers first of all our teachers are very happy when they see their students are now grown up and well set in the future. whenever we have time always try to contact teachers, they also feel very happy. in our life, the most  important role in our home is our parents' school our teachers we are very proud.  so always love your work. Give respect to everyone. say thanks to our teachers and parents!   due to them today we are educated. And happy in our life and success.