Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar

                                                Anant Ambani  & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar  In Jamnagar there is weeding was going Anant Ambani and radhika merchant. all celebrate and business man and cricket star are visited at Jamnagar for marriage function. Vantara Jamnagar was very beautiful lots of trees and animals was it was done very nice by Ambani family. In a recent interview Anant Ambani said very beautiful words about brother and sister Ram. Mata  very simplicity was Anant and how its talked very politely he loves animals and nature elephants. Mukesh Ambani sir looks very simply we can learn more from them. Many business from the world visited this grand wedding, Jamnagar was full of celebration mood. Hollywood singer Rihanna arrived in Jamnagar with his team to perform in Anant wedding.

Old Age Beautiful Line's

Old Age Beautiful Line's.

I asked one of my friends who has crossed 50 & is heading to 60. 
What sort of change he is feeling in him?
He sent me the following 
very interesting lines, 
which i would like to share 
with you all.....
1) After loving my parents, 
    my siblings, my spouse, 
    my children, my friends, 
    now I have started loving   
2) I just realised that I am not 
     The world does not rest on 
      my shoulders.
3) I now stopped bargaining 
     with vegetables & fruits 
     After all, a few Rupees more 
     is not going to burn a hole in 
     my pocket but it might help 
     the poor fellow save for his 
     daughter’s school fees.
4) I pay the taxi driver without 
     waiting for the change. 
     The extra money might 
      bring a smile on his face. 
      After all he is toiling much 
      harder for a living than me
5) I stopped telling the elderly 
     that they've already 
     narrated that story many 
     After all, the story makes 
      them walk down the 
      memory lane & relive 
      the past.
6) I have learnt not to correct 
     people even when I know 
     they are wrong. 
     After all, the onus of making 
     everyone perfect is not on 
     Peace is more precious than 
7) I give compliments freely & 
     After all it's a mood 
     enhancer not only for the 
     recipient, but also for me
😎 I have learnt not to bother 
    about a crease or a spot on 
    my shirt. 
    After all, personality speaks 
    louder than appearances.
9) I walk away from people 
     who don't value me. 
     After all, they might not 
     know my worth, 
     but I do.
10) I remain cool when 
       someone plays dirty 
       politics to outrun me in the 
       rat race. 
      After all, I am not a rat & 
      neither am I in any race.
11) I am learning not to be 
      embarrassed by my 
      After all, it's my emotions 
      that make me human.
12) I have learnt that its better 
      to drop the ego than to 
      break a relationship. 
      After all, my ego will keep 
      me aloof whereas with 
      relationships I will never 
      be alone*.
13) I have learnt to live each 
      day as if it's the last. 
      After all, it might be the last.
14) I am doing what makes me 
      After all, I am responsible 
      for my happiness, and 
      I owe it to me.


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