Anant Ambani & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar

                                                Anant Ambani  & Radhika Merchant Wedding in Jamnagar  In Jamnagar there is weeding was going Anant Ambani and radhika merchant. all celebrate and business man and cricket star are visited at Jamnagar for marriage function. Vantara Jamnagar was very beautiful lots of trees and animals was it was done very nice by Ambani family. In a recent interview Anant Ambani said very beautiful words about brother and sister Ram. Mata  very simplicity was Anant and how its talked very politely he loves animals and nature elephants. Mukesh Ambani sir looks very simply we can learn more from them. Many business from the world visited this grand wedding, Jamnagar was full of celebration mood. Hollywood singer Rihanna arrived in Jamnagar with his team to perform in Anant wedding.

Money Can’t Buy Old Days

                                                                          Money Can’t Buy Old Days    I am alone feeling very lonely, when I am free, I am asking myself reason on lonely. Not every day is perfect, but I am trying to keep balance I know nothing is permanent, Life is not hard but the way we are making it hard and blame on life was tuff. I am lonely but happy. I can share my feelings to myself I can solve my issue I can correct my own issue and I am happy with that. When I was a small kid we didn’t have money to buy anything in festivals clothes or more, but we are very happy without money also. In college days we worry about our future job so never enjoy life, we think when we earn we will live beautiful life and enjoy every day. Today when we started earning goods and when festivals come we have money but not time to enjoy everything was gone. Today we have money but don’t have old days energy to celebrate festivals. In this busy life never understand wh

Finding Myself

  I lost in responsibility of life. I lost my happiness in this stress full life, I lost my smile, I don't remember last time when i was smile. I lost my friends while busy in daily life. I lost my all friends. When I know myself that  time I know  has gone. I am finding myself,  I lost in this busy life,  again I am finding myself, my happiness, my friends,, my days . I lost myself .

A Story of a Father and Son On Serious Matter

A Story of a Father and Son On Serious Matter   Let Us Start with father and son both living in a village, the son was in 12 class father works in a private company as a manager. One day the father always worried about his son's future, the son was not good at studying always spending time with friends not taking life seriously. Now son's school is completed he has just passed 12 class, so the father ask to son now what is your next plan either you go to college start a business, or search for a job. Now my son has been admitted to the college he visited on his first day in college and the day was good. Now the son is incredibly happy that he is in college so he will be free from his father. Now every weekend my son returns home, meets his friend, and enjoys himself. The father is now tense in college. Now father has one bad habit: smoking too much son always looks at his father as smoking too much. Now one day everything is going stable soon same again return h